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I live in a different universe.


the best shot I’ve taken of blue pool to this day. it’s definitely cold, definitely worth getting in, and definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

"Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams and fairy-tales..
That’s all she ever thinks about, riding with the wind.” — Jimi Hendrix 

Wandering the universe and chasing sunshine ❁

College Classes

Well I signed up for 3 classes, 2 easy, one math. Today was my first day back and godamnit I am going to pass this math class. On the other hand I should have probably signed up for another class to get it out of the way, but I was so swamped last semester. I had 4 heavy homework classes, a job, and an ever growing obsession with my boyfriend. Ahaha so now I am hoping 3 classes, and no job will do the trick. I just wish I could get generals over with faster. (But this time I am there everyday instead of like 2 days in and online classes, so it’s a huge bummer.)


by RipperBlackstaff

Felipe Dana

༺ Can You Handle a Twisted Fairy Tale? ༻

untitled by ☜✿☞ Bo ☜✿☞ on Flickr.

If anyone is interested


Reblog this and I will draw you in mythic human form. (By that I mean, fairy, mermaid, elf, etc). I want to start drawing these things again and this would be great practice. I’ve done this before and would like to do it again. Anyone can reblog. Everyone reblog. Just message me what you’d like to look like.

Thank you.

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you ever have one of those days